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Bees are really incredible if you think about it. Scientists and nature-lovers alike are mystified by bee populations and how they are capable of creating such a well-organized work force and such intricate and efficient homes for their colonies. In this box, your child will learn about the three different types of honey bees that live in a hive, and the special jobs each of them have to ensure the hive runs smoothly. While learning the basics of a beehive, your child will also be completing one of our all-time favorite camp activities – build your beehive own piñata. This project will take 2-3 days to complete because you will be taking your hive through the paper mâché process, and then painting it so it looks just like the real thing.

PROJECT: Build a piñata mold using paper mache, create your own beehive piñata

BOOK: What If There Were No Bees

Ages: 4-9

All of our Project Boxes include a detailed project guide with background information and activity instructions, a relevant book, and most materials needed to complete the activity. For some boxes, there will be some at-home supplies needed.

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