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We are thrilled to bring back our most popular box of 2020 - Jane Goodall.  Goodall was 26 years old when she headed to Tanzania under the direction of famous British scientist, Louis Leakey, to study chimpanzees. She was part of a group of three women under Leakey called, "the Trimates" who all studied apes and made a name for themselves in the world of science - Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees, Biruté Galdikas studied orangutans and Dian Fossey studied gorillas.

In this box, learn about Jane Goodall's work through practicing animal observation at home and building a rainforest ecosystem that resembles where Jane Goodall conducted her research with the chimpanzees. 

This box contains live plants.

- Activity: "The Watcher" Experiment 🎒📝
- Project: Build a Rainforest Terrarium 🌱✨

Book: "The Watcher" by Jeanette Winter

Ages: 4-9

All of our Project Boxes include detailed project guides with background information and activity instructions, a relevant book, and most materials needed to complete the activity. For some boxes, there will be some at-home supplies needed.

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