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    Green Explorers Club teaches kids the tools of sustainability while building a healthy curiosity for life sciences and the environment. We explore sustainability through hands-on experiments and activities that demonstrate the importance of taking care of our planet.


    We are grownups who care deeply about the world we are leaving behind for our kids. As parents we understand that kids value what they experience, so we created a collection of projects, science experiments, games, and (most importantly) snacks to help teach children about nature, life science, and living a more sustainable life.


    All of our lessons have been hand-tested and approved by our own kids – Cameron, Jack, and Vivienne. They are not shy about giving us their opinions, and we are grateful for their feedback because it helps us keep our program fresh and fun for your kids too. We use our years of experience teaching these projects in schools and during our summer camps to build upon our library of fun and educational projects each year to ensure we continue to bring the best we have to the kids who experience our programs.


    Green Explorers Club projects bridge literacy and science by using award winning picture books to accompany our hands-on activities that model the real world.  We help kids explore far-away ecosystems, start their own gardens, protect our oceans, discover famous environmentalists, and become environmental experts themselves by using life science, outdoor shoes, busy hands, and some imagination.  We provide our students with the knowledge, curiosity, and basic skills they will one day need to help them navigate our changing world.

    You can discover Green Explorers Club in a variety of ways!  Click below to learn more!

    What We Cover

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    Plants & Pollinators

    Get hands-on with growing food, raising houseplants, and learning about our pollinator friends.

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    Trees & Forests

    Learn to identify the trees that line our Chicago neighborhoods and take a deep dive into leaves, bark, and reading tree rings.

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    Water Conservation

    Understanding the importance of protecting our water supply from pollution, invasive species, and over-use.

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    Renewable Energy

    Learn the basics of the carbon cycle, and understand how it affects us and our planet, and what we can do to help.

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    The Carbon Cycle

    Comprehend the basics of the carbon cycle, and understand how it affects all life on our planet.

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    Learn the basics of using Chicago’s public transportation system while also learning how to reduce your carbon footprint.

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    Compost &

    Learn how to compost, and what can go in your compost bin. Learn the rules of recycling through games, activities, and lots of practice.

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    Learn how to conduct energy audits in your home, school, and our camp studio space. Find ways to reduce energy usage and charge your equipment more responsibly.

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    Learn how climate and human behavior affect animals around the world.


    We are now accepting applications for our summer camp programs.  Please send resumes to kelly@greenexplorersclub.com.  Please make sure to include a one-page resume and a cover letter about why you would like to work with us and how your previous experience will benefit the team.  Applicants must have previous experience working with kids, be available to work the entire summer, and be vaccinated.  Applicants must also complete a background check.

    Available Summer Positions

    • Camp and Studio Manager
    • Counselors
    • Junior Counselors/Interns

    Our Leaders


    Hello! Welcome to Green Explorers Club, we’re Erin and Kelly. We are the women behind Green Explorers Club and love to empower kids all over Chicago to do their part to protect the planet. 

    All of our lessons are hand-tested and approved by the 3 cuties above – Cameron, Jack and Vivienne – our kids! They are not shy about giving their opinions, and we are grateful for their feedback, because it helps us keep our program fresh and fun for your kids too. You can be sure that when your kids are with us they are engaged, having fun, and learning something new. 

    We couldn’t do what we do without two handsome fellas not pictured above – our husbands – who are always behind the scenes building garden boxes, hanging shelves, or doing whatever else needs to be done. We also want to make sure you know Russell, our Creative Director and partner in crime, who keeps Green Explorers Club looking hip and on point at every turn. 

    Take a peek around our website to learn more about us and our programs; and feel free to call or swing by our Bucktown studio to say hi or ask us a question. We hope to see your kids at Green Explorers Club soon!

      Want to know more? Then get in touch!

      Drop us a line
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