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Get the scoop on poop—discover whodunnit with Poodunnit! Can you tell the difference between the delicate droppings of a deer and the smelly scat of a fox? Did you know that a whale’s poo is orange—or which dung can be burnt for fuel? Can you identify which creatures have been in your backyard? Find out in the ultimate detective guide to animals around the world—camels in the desert, polar bears in the Arctic, jaguars in the Amazon rainforest, fish in the ocean, and so many more! Read the clues and guess which animal made what, then turn the page to find the answers—you may be surprised at the animals you discover. Fun illustrations and photos; clear, humorous text; and “scat stats” with essential facts, make this the perfect book for kids curious about the animals around them.

Best for ages 5-8 years old.

by Carlton Books

(This book goes well with our Scoop on Poop Project Box!)