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Do you know a kid who loves skyscrapers or city buildings? Are there children in your life who like to build projects with their hands, or budding gardeners looking for a new snack they can grow indoors? Well, our new project box checks all those boxes!

In this project box, kids will learn how different types of roofs affect the environment. They will also discover how cities benefit from green roofs by designing their own urban home using a cardboard model included in the box, and building an edible "green roof" for the top using dun pea shoot seeds and soil (also included). We finish it off with a bonus recipe card to inspire the whole family to try your new, freshly grown microgreens.

- Create and design an urban house (cardboard model included)  🏘♻️
- Build an edible green roof 🌱

Book: "Green, Green: A Community Gardening Story" by Marie Lamba and Baldey Lamba
(Also try Anywhere Farm in our Books Section!)

Ages: 4-9

All of our Project Boxes include detailed Project Guide with background information and activity instructions, a relevant book, and most materials needed to complete the activity. For some boxes, there will be some at-home supplies needed.

Project Box