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Does your child ever wonder how animals survive in winter - why some birds fly south; squirrels stick around and frogs and insects disappear? Animals either hibernate, migrate or adapt during winter to survive. Those animals who adapt have some seriously awesome animal super powers.

In this project box, kids will learn about the science of hibernation 😴, the animals who migrate🧳, and the hardcore animals who adapt to their environment 💪🌎.

PROJECT: Learn how wood frogs adapt in winter and create a model of their winter environment. Learn the science behind hibernation in a movement-based experiment.

Book: Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate?" by Etta Kaner and John Martz

All of our Project Boxes include detailed project guides with background information and activity instructions, a relevant book, and most materials needed to complete the activity. For some boxes, there will be some at-home supplies needed.

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