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In this unit, students learn the basics of composting and will build their own compost system in a bottle. The day starts by going outside (and through their lunchboxes) to find compostable items. Next, students will set up their work stations to build their own minature compost bin in a recycled bottle. Students can watch and observe this compost system for weeks at home before finally dumping it out into their own garden space to enrich the soil. 60 min | Ages 5-10 

Collect Compost Materials (go outside!)
Build Compost in a Bottle

This download comes with a detailed lesson plan and a supply list to gather your materials. Also included in this download is the digital file for the compost in a bottle activity sheet, and care instructions for the compost in a bottle experiment to send home to parents. We recommend buying materials at least 5-7 days before your class and to plan about 3-4 hours of prep depending on the size of your class.