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Our oceans are littered with tens of thousands of tons of plastic trash. The trash is worn down to bits that look like confetti over time by the waves and sun. It will take hundreds of years for these tiny confetti bits to break down. As a result they have formed gigantic mountains of plastic trash that continue to circulate and move around with the ocean currents. The largest of these currents is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

In this project box, your explorer will learn all about the hazards and impacts of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch on ocean ecosystems. Explorers will construct and simulate their own Great Pacific Garbage Patch and will then practice how to be responsible citizens by learning to sort items into trash, recycling, compost and single-use plastics.

PROJECT: Create and simulate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; Sort items between trash, recycling, single-use plastics and compost.

Book: The Mess We Made by Michelle Lord and Julia Blattman

All of our Project Boxes include detailed project guides with background information and activity instructions, a relevant book, and most materials needed to complete the activity. For some boxes, there will be some at-home supplies needed.

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