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We all do it. Dogs sniff it, kids laugh about it, babies have diapers full of it, and grown-ups get grossed out by it, but the fact remains - poop is a part of life. In addition to spreading countless hours of laughter to kids all over the world, did you know poop also contains clues about the animals living in your neighborhood? In fact, scientists learn about animals, and their ecosystems by studying their poop! In this project box, kids learn to identify different types of animal poop (scat) with a rad board game; they create "scientific replicas" using clay, a fact-based project board, and their imaginations; and then round out the day by making edible wombat bites (brownies)! 💩✨

PROJECT: Learn to identify different types of scat, create fact-based sculptures, and make wombat bites.

*GAME: Who Pooped?

Pairs well with Poodunnit?  in our Books Section!

Optional Add-On Book: Poodunnit

All of our Project Boxes include a detailed Lesson Plan with background information and activity instructions, a relevant book, and most materials needed to complete the activity. For some boxes, there will be some basic at-home supplies needed.

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