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Mel Bartholomew was an American gardener, engineer, inventor, businessman, television presenter and writer. He is best known for creating the Square Foot Gardening method, and has written several books about his method in addition to hosting a show about gardening skills for 8 years called Square Foot Gardening. 

In this exercise, students learn about Mel Bartholomew and his square foot gardening method. They use his famous recipe for soil called "Mel's Mix" to make their own batch of nutrient-rich soil (with a basil seedling in tow) that they can care for at home. Students use this label to share the ingredients for Mel's mix with their families, and so they can reference the care instructions for their new basil plant. (1 per student)

QUANTITY - Comes in a pack of 10 worksheets

SIZE - 8.5 x 11