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Sylvia is an American oceanographer, scuba diver, and marine research scientist. She was the first female Chief Scientist at NOAA and founded Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to protecting the ocean from threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, and the dramatic decrease in ocean fish stocks and is affectionately known as "Her Deepness" for holding the world depth record of a solo dive at 1,250 feet. In this activity, students learn how the marine animals living in the ocean use bioluminescence to survive, and then identify the layers some of the most famous creatures of the deep call home.  60 min | Ages 5-10 

Bioluminescence in a Bottle
Ocean Zones Activity

This download comes with a detailed lesson plan and a supply list to gather your materials. Also included in this download is the digital files for the 11 x 17 Ocean Layers Activity Sheet and Marine Animals Coloring Sheet. We recommend buying materials at least 5-7 days before your class and to plan about 3-4 hours of prep depending on the size of your class.